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Deionized Resin Regeneration

Resin Gets Exhausted

Resin is a lot like you. It works hard—to the point of exhaustion. Afterwards, it needs to recharge before it’s ready to do its job again.

Pump Up Your Performance

Hausers Water Systems owns and operates the largest DI regeneration facility in Iowa and regenerates resins for customers throughout the United States.

You’ll benefit from:

  • The highest quality of regenerated DI resin, which is second-to-none in quality and performance
  • Qualified and experienced plant operators
  • Records of each individual tank or batch—regardless of its size—for traceability of quality and performance
  • Records that allow us to troubleshoot any problems you may have down the road
Deionized Resin Regeneration Tanks
Deionized Resin Regeneration Plant

Regenerate Your Resin

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